Bontrager Interchange Dlx

Bontrager Interchange Dlx
Bontrager Interchange Dlx Bontrager Interchange Dlx
  • Designed to fit mountain and hybrid bikes 18in and under, road bikes 54cm and under, and up to 2.1 29er tires
  • Compatible with both Interchange and standard trunk bags, Interchange Transit and traditional panniers
  • Max weight capacity 25kg (55lbs)
  • Taillight plate allows for 50mm and 80mm spacing lights, reflector and Flare belt clip mounting
  • Single bolt strut mounts allow for maximum adjustment and easy installation
  • Extra long tubular alloy struts accommodate smaller frames
  • Unique rack geometry allows full seat height adjustment on most frames
  • Additional side stays allow for mounting of both trunk and pannier bags
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